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Who we are

Unclaimed Legacy®, LLC (UL) is a passionate team of expert researchers with over 40 years of combined experience in consumer advocacy, asset recovery and current on the state and federal laws that govern unclaimed assets. We pride ourselves on locating, recovering unclaimed funds and getting them in the hands of their rightful owners.

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What are unclaimed funds?

Unclaimed funds are any financial asset, being held for a person or entity that has yet to be claimed by the rightful owner. Currently across the nation, the total value of unclaimed assets in state custody is approximately $50 billion. In most cases, the rightful owners or their heirs are unaware these assets exist. Therefore, they often unknowingly forfeit them to the government due to a lapse in the dormancy period. Unclaimed assets are not classified as real estate, abandoned personal property, or lost and found items but can include: dormant savings and checking accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) .

What happens to my unclaimed funds?

Unfortunately if these funds are not formally claimed before the deadline, the government can legally KEEP IT ALL , this is called escheatment. “Escheatment” is the term that describes how “abandoned,” “unclaimed” or “lost” property is turned over to the state. Millions of dollars are left unclaimed daily by individuals and businesses many times due to simple life changes and grammatical errors such as but not limited to:

Reasons for Individuals:

  • Discrepancies in names and/or addresses
  • Name change due to marriage or divorce
  • Change of employment
  • Unknown inheritance

Reasons for Businesses:

  • Name changes
  • Business dissolution
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business-to-business transactions

Why is Unclaimed Legacy® different?

We are a family business that has refined our processes over time and grown in success due to diverse client input and industry best practices. We have personally used these tools of the trade to reclaim our own assets and strengthen our family legacy. Therefore, we know firsthand that reclaiming assets is more than a transaction , for many of our clients it is TRANSFORMATIONAL.


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